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Head, Quality Assurance

  •  Posted:  Wed. 10 Nov, 2021
  •  Expires:  31, Mar 2022
Job Type
Quality Assurance/Control

Job Summary

As Head of Quality Assurance, you will develop effective and efficient methods to achieve optimum quality assurance processes. In this role, you will work on standardizing processes across Product teams, maintain the quality assurance policy and recommended the best QA solutions unique to each product team. You will also be required to monitor the efficiency of QA team members across products teams and maintain general communication and interaction with stakeholders on cumulative QA reports from different product teams.

Job Description

  • Establishing QA processes and procedures. This can include preparing policy documents that outline testing processes across product teams. The HOD also updates these processes in light of better development/process and ensures optimum adoption of processes. 

  • Ensures collaboration of their team and Developers, Technical Leads and Products Owners. This to ensure that QA team members in the product teams are fully responsible, accountable and cooperative in respective product teams. 

  • One-to-one meetings with team members. This is to evaluate each team members efficiency in a product team. This involves spot checks of Test case document, automation suite, review of tasks and deliverables and giving solutions to QA problems that team members may encounter in their product teams. 

  • One-to-one meeting with relevant stakeholder such as the Technical Lead, Product Owner & CTO. The HOD will be required to communicate on a frequent basis to receive updates regarding QA efficiency in each product teams. The HOD also give reports and updates, review QA tasks and process & give recommendations where necessary. 

  • In order to maintain quality and efficiency, HOD will evaluate the team members test documents, automation suites, load & performance reports and deliverables in each sprint. 

  • Planning and monitoring of the department's Learning and Development. This includes general L&D and specific(tailored to the unique needs of a product team) learning. 

  • The HOD is responsible for developing, enact departmental KPIs. The HOD will conduct monthly and quarterly(as required by the company) performance review of each team members and identify performance gaps. 

  • Generate QA activity reports using project management tools such as Jira, Databox. This also involves reporting to management on specified basis the activities, progress or challenges of the QA team. 

  •  Play an active role in support bugs review to monitor defect leakage and testing new/updated systems for bugs and other issues.  

  • Report progress, plans, and problems to upper management and other involved parties. The HOD will also ask for feedback from upper management and implement the suggested changes in as efficient a way as possible. 

  • Conduct employee training and evaluation and may provide support during the hiring and onboarding process. The HOD need to assess current testing needs and schedules and determine staffing needs to effectively conduct the testing. They also oversee team members’ work to ensure that they adhere to specifications. 

  •  On a rotational basis, the HOD will work with each product teams to achieve their product goal. They will provide active support in test documentation, manual testing, automation and carrying out load & performance tests. 

  • Provide departmental roadmap that highlights departments vision, objectives, activities and also reflects incorporation of technology advancement. 

Job Experience

  • At least two years' worth of management experience and four years quality assurance experience. 

  • Certification: The International Software Testing Qualifications Board(ISTQB, Advanced Level) 

  • Adequate knowledge of Product Lead Growth and Agile methodology od software development 

  • Ability to manage teams and stakeholders 

  • Adequate knowledge on Software and Test Development Lifecycle 

  • In depth understanding of software testing methods 

  • Understanding and ability to recommend Test Driven Development or Behaviour Driven Development based on organizational uniqueness 

  • Incorporate continuous integration with testing processes using tools such as Jenkins, Newman 

  • Efficient use of project management tool for test and bug reports 

  • Proficient in using software testing tools such as TestRail, Selenium, Katalon studio, Postman or Swagger 

  • Manage testing of  web based service and mobile applications 

  • Manage GUI and API tests 

  • Knowledge on DevOps and ability to use continuous integration tools for testing e.g Docker, Jenkins 

  • Knowledge of a programming language such as JavaScript, Java or Phython 

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